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Keto Friendly Beer and Wine

If you recall from our post titled “Lose Weight and Still Drink Beer or Wine” one of the best feelings to have is to be able to celebrate at home, with family or at a restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine and beer without feeling guilty. The reason for that is because the beer or wine that you probably chose (after you do your research that is) is Keto Friendly!

So sit back, relax, lift up your glass or bottle and enjoy!

Please see our top choices for Wine:

Cabernet Sauvignon

Pinot Noir

Sauvignon Blanc



Pinot Grigio

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  • Kat

    It’s great that you’ve listed a bunch of wines that can be consumed while on a keto diet. When I first started keto, I wasn’t much into drinking wine, but over the years, I’ve found it’s okay to have a wine every now and then and not throw myself out of ketosis as once feared. I’ve learnt that the drier the wine, the lower in sugar each drink contains. I used to enjoy Moscato and sweeter wines, but since going keto, I really can’t drink them anymore and have discover Pinot Grigio which I’m happy to report is delish and low in carb, so hooray :). Thanks for sharing as I’m sure many people starting their keto journey will be relieved to know they can still have a wine or beer when they want to, just be mindful that it’s the lower carb or dry options.

  • My Daily Pointers

    Finally I can enjoy something when I am out with family and friends this summer without feeling guilty.  I just started a keto diet and am trying my best to stick to it but with all the get togethers with friends, it isnt always easy.

    Is there any possibility that you could also include a slight description with each of your choices? 

  • Pentrental

    Keto is very popular these days and I find it to be pretty interesting, as do I find your post here on keto-friendly wines. It’s nice to be able to keep some beer and wine in your life while on a diet. For me, I prefer Cabernet when it comes to wine, so the Ridge Estate looks like a pretty fine choice. Also the Chateau La Bastienne Merlot looks right up my alley as well. I’ll save your post as a reference, thank you!

  • Robert

    Thank you for this information. This is very interesting. I personally am not much of a wine drinker but my girlfriend is/was and she is on the Keto diet. Ever since she started she totally cut out drinking wine because she kept saying that it was too much carbs. She obviously does not know that there are wines that are Keto-friendly.

    I on the other hand am a beer drinker and I just looked at your other post that you mentioned called Can I Lose Weight and Still Drink Beer and Wine. One of the brands you displayed as Keto-friendly, I drink and my girlfriend likes as well. But I know she prefers wine over beer and I will share this review with her so she can go back to having wine.

    • Elviz Moncada

      Hi Robert, thank you for stopping by! Yes, nowadays the list of acceptable beer and wines is growing as the companies are making product for the Ketogenic Diet!

  • Snigdha Alam


    I’m surprised a lot and I can’t believe my eyes that I have seen. Really is it true that you have said? If so, it will be a great one for those who want to lose weight. I think it would help my sister to lose weight. I have no experience of drink wine but now I want to drink Keto. It attracts me much. Undoubtedly, it’s a nice wine.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Elviz Moncada

      Hi Alam! Thank you for stopping by! Yes it is all true! The Ketogenic Diet works for all body types and one can still lose weight and have a good time! Feel free to check out my discussion page to learn more!

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