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KETO Friendly Weight Loss Scales

Hi Keto Family!

It is critical to have the right tools to set you up for success when starting this diet. The good news is that it will initially take a small investment in Books, Recipes, Strips, MCT Oils etc. One of the most important tools if you do not have one are weight loss scales.

How else are you going to confirm all of the weight that you are going to lose on this amazing Ketogenic Diet!

We had to upgrade our scale once we started the diet because we wanted something a bit more accurate than the older non digital or Bluetooth scales that you may have purchased about 10 years ago.

Credit to for their article on Benefits of using a Digital Body Scales.

A scale is a device for weighing or determining the weight of the objects. Many digital scales now do not only keep track of your body weight, many models are now available that also monitors your body mass index (BMI), it keeps an accurate track of your weight, and some models even store that information for you and pair with your cellular phone so you can accurately track your weight loss progress.

So now we know that a digital scale not only measures the mass of things but it can do so much more. There are different types of scales and for different functions. Among them, you can find precision scales, mechanical, electronic, dynamometers, analytical, bath, baby, kitchen, pharmacy, fruit, nutritional, hook, bike, and the list continue on and on.

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