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Hello KetoFamily!!!


It is with great pleasure to introduce the YourKetoExpert KetoFamily Testimonial page where we will have people like you and me sharing their weight loss journey.

Looking for inspiration and motivation then you came to the right place!

We all come in different shapes and sizes, male and female participants from all walks of life but one common bond that we share is our focus and commitment to make the right move and lose weight. We all start off confused, hesitant and and potentially pessimistic if this diet really works.

Well, let’s hear from those who have been through the diet!

If you read the About Us page then you may be familiar with our weight loss journey in which I quote:

A year ago the wife and I were sitting in our bedroom cuddled in bed with our gorgeous 8 year old daughter and 2 year old son looking at Caribbean vacation pictures and we came across one picture that put our health matters into perspective.

We were overweight and not feeling great about it!

You can even see the lack of smiles in the picture even though we were in a gorgeous Caribbean island.

I was sitting at 215 pounds (+ 45 pounds) and the wife weighed over +35 pounds her ideal weight. At that very second we decided to make a plunge into an emerging diet; The Ketogenic Diet! ”

Keto blog

If you have completed your research then you may have already seen how this emerging diet to lose weight quickly, safely and naturally is growing in popularity with over 8 million posts on Instagram. You may have seen the ever growing  Ketogenic group pages on Facebook and video blogs on YouTube. Companies are now creating new product lines to support this weight loss cause with waters, seltzer’s, snack bars, zero calorie sugars, flours etc.

Restaurants are now creating menu’s to satisfy our hunger!

Keto support

KetoFamily, we would love to hear from you! Let’s commit to unite and help others who are frustrated about their attempt to lose weight but just haven’t found the right diet! Let’s provide clarity and support on those unanswered questions or feelings of doubt. Let’s inspire and motivate when they hit their first stall weight. Let’s congratulate them when they achieve their first milestone!

We remember ours when we lost our first combined weight of 20 pounds, then 40 pounds and the pounds kept on dropping…

We were fired up! What a feeling!!!

We are looking forward to a growing list of comments to showcase to the world and net community how this diet works.

Feel free to include:

  • Length of time on Keto:
  • Start Weight:      Current Weight:     Goal Weight:
  • How do you plan to help others who are looking to lose weight? Hopefully it includes sharing this page 😉

The stage is now yours!


As always, feel free to reach out to if there any questions or concerns.




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