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Waffle Makers – KETO Chaffle

Hi! Keto Family! One word for you. CHAFFLE! What is it?

Long story short it is a waffle made out of egg and cheese and made on a standard or Belgian waffle maker. There are countless of recipes out there and I will share a few on this post. Are you salivating yet?

The CHAFFLE allows you to now fully enjoy your breakfast complete of Bacon or Eggs or Cheese or Avocado or Steak and Eggs etc. With this amazing waffle alternative you can now add that bit of extra.

It is also a great substitute for bread options for Burgers, Cold Cut and Breakfast sandwiches. You can make desert delicacies or Appetizers for your Keto Guests.

Credit to for their 15 CHAFFLE recipes

Please see below for our top recommendations for waffle makers and make your CHAFFLE now.


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