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YourKetoExpert’s 10 Step Process

Keto Diet and 10 Step Process

10 Step Process to follow Strict KETO.

  1. Record your Start Weight, Goal Weight. Pick the Start Date and Start Month. Join Weight Loss HaVen – Starter’s Guide on FB. Commit to do research and ask questions. 
  2. Visit “Keto Diet? Weight Loss” as well as “KETO FAQ”. This site will be a helpful resource to refer back to during your journey.
  3. Go Carb Hunting in your Pantry. Practice makes perfect. Clear out Pantry of foods that you can no longer eat due to high carbs.
  4. Download Carb Manager or MyFitnessPal as well as Hangouts from App Store. You will be using Carb Manager or MFP for tracking Macros and Calories (75% fat, 20% protein, 5% Net Carbs). Hangouts will be needed for accountability group discussion outside of Group page post.
  5. Use KETO Grocery List to purchase and stock up on Keto appropriate food.
  6. You need to purchase KETO Starter KIT. Must Have: KETO Urine Strips, Beginners Guide, MCT or Coconut Oil, Ketones Pill, Weight Loss Scale. Optional: Keto Snacks, Waters, Keto Cookbooks, Air Fryers, Waffle Maker etc. You can come back and get this at your convenience.
  7. Join an accountability group or begin with family and friends who ALSO want to lose weight on the same day. Join FB or Instagram pages around KETO to share your progress. Ask me how to join our Hangouts Accountability Group or click the September Accountability Group link now
  8. Complete three days of Egg Fasting with 16/8 Intermittent Fasting to  boost your body into Ketosis. If you cannot eat eggs then you can go straight into meal plan. Three days consisting of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner of just eggs in various forms (boiled, fried, scrambled etc). Resource on site.
  9. Once you are in Ketosis; Follow Meal Plan detailed on the site or suggested meal plans on Other Keto Websites.
  10. Experiment with recipes. Feel free to share your concoctions on the group page. Have fun with Diet and No Cheat Days until 7-9 months post diet!

Reward: Having lost weight quickly, safely and  in a healthy manner. Reaching your goal weight and hopefully paying it forward by mentoring others and sharing this site if you found it helpful!

The knowledge you will learn here will last a lifetime! If you are enjoying the experience, please feel free to share on KetoFamily Testimonials.

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